by cyrating | mon 15 april 2019

When Doctolib uses Cyrating

Since July 2018, Doctolib has been using Cyrating, the European cyber security rating agency, to manage its cyber security strategy and improve communication. In a sector that is becoming increasingly competitive and, with its growing success, Doctolib is an attention-getter. The online medical appointment booking site hosts the data of 80,000 health professionals, 1,700 health facilities, and hosts 35 million visits. Cybersecurity is now a major challenge for this startup founded in 2013 by three young entrepreneurs. Interview with Pascal Foulon, Group CISO at Doctolib:

How did you hear about Cyrating?

By word-of-mouth. Cyrating meets a Doctolib need for communication on cybersecurity. Doctolib is becoming more important in the healthcare industry, so it increases our visibility, and we are developing abroad. Cybersecurity is a major challenge in our growth to gain the confidence of our customers, healthcare professionals and patients alike.

How is Cyrating used to improve your cybersecurity?

As soon as we had access to the platform, we tried to identify our weaknesses. We then patched with the information provided by Cyrating. The platform shows us the points that can be modified and that can allow us to improve our score.

The part that gives us access to the sector's benchmark is very interesting. You can see right away how you stand with respect to the competition, and when you are a Leader (like Doctolib in the Healthcare category), you can find a smug satisfaction in it. There is even a challenging side, because we want to remain at the very top!

Cybersecurity rating is a communication aspect for your company. To whom did you provide your rating with?

The information on rating is useful to us in several ways. Internally, we use it to assess our maturity, position ourselves in relation to our peers and put our experience and our progress into perspective. Rating is also a good means of external communication. For example, we provide it with to our sales teams to help build confidence with our customers. Recently, we have also provided it with external auditors.

We offer a communication kit including a certificate allowing you to provide your rating, how does Doctolib use it? To which target?

The Cyrating rating is now integrated into our communication packages. As it stands, it is a good tool, the sales representatives have integrated the certificate into their arguments. This represents a competitive advantage, especially in markets such as Germany where cybersecurity is important.

In a few words, how would you rate Cyrating and what is its usefulness?

There are sometimes questions surrounding cybersecurity, generally, we try to cover the risks. This type of tool makes it possible to give an objective assessment of the company's health status.

In addition, it allows for more positive communication on cybersecurity. For example, tomorrow we have a meeting with the Leadership, where our department must outline the actions undertaken during the year, and those that will be implemented in 2019. Well, the elements provided by Cyrating will be integrated into our presentation.

Finally, beyond our current practices, we believe that it is also a good tool to assess the state of cybersecurity of our digital suppliers. And we will use it in this sense, in particular to have a first objective basis for exchanges with our future suppliers.

About Doctolib

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the leading e-health company in Europe. Doctolib offers practitioners software and services to improve the efficiency of their organization, transform their patients' experiences, promote their activities and strengthen cooperation with their colleagues. Doctolib helps patients access care more easily and quickly by allowing them to find information about their healthcare professionals, book appointments online 24/7, conduct teleconsultations and access their online consultation history. The company currently employs 750 people in 40 cities in France and Germany. It collaborates with 75,000 professionals and 1,400 health facilities. Doctolib records more than 30 million patient visits each month. More information about Doctolib can be found directly at