by cyrating | fri 23 february 2018

CYRATING Europe Top 600 study provides key figures on cybersecurity performance to executives

Cybersecurity is now a major strategic challenge for company governance and their board of directors. Managing the cybersecurity risks remains a huge challenge for the leaders who have few metrics and comparable at their disposal.

CYRATING has thus carried out in January 2018 a study involving the 600 most important European companies by stock market capitalisation so as to evaluate their cybersecurity performance, that is to say their effective implementation of the cybersecurity best practices accepted by the industry.

This benchmark has highlighted disparities amongst countries and by activity sectors:

  • Sweden, the United Kingdom and France are respectively the countries with the companies who scored highest in cybersecurity;
  • Companies within the natural resources, food and beverage, financial services, chemicals and healthcare sectors are the best performing in cybersecurity.

In particular:

  • The highest rating achieved by a company is 88; the average rating is 70.4 and the median rating 71.6;
  • 2% of companies achieve operational excellency when it comes to protecting their electronic mail boxes;
  • 18% of companies protect their domain name efficiently;
  • 10% of companies analysed host malwares, communicate with botnets networks or have suffered to data breaches.